Retro Missile


If you’re looking for some screaming fun, the Yamaha RD900 could be just the ticket…



Feature by Pugs
Photos by Dalts



Within seconds it’s screaming its tits off just like the RD’s of old…

Keeping in theme with our recent classic features and bike reviews such as the Ducati Scrambler, we thought why not mix it up even more and throw a Yamaha RD 900 into the mix.

Now some loyal readers may think it’s sacrilege to see a Yamaha in Live to Ride, but times are changing, and besides, we all live to ride no matter what we ride…right? Sure, the RD900 might not be for everyone, but it would make a welcomed addition in the garage alongside a cruiser or big tourer – perfect for when you want to unleash a bit of steam.

Based on the already popular XSR900 released by Yamaha back in 2016, the RD 900 is a retro version paying tribute to the famous two strokes of the 1980’s, the RD250 and RD350. Of course the RD may not be a true RD being that it’s a four-stroke, and may even offend the purists, but it still illustrates the fact that although Yamaha are building bikes with modern technology, they still haven’t forgotten their grassroots.