100 Mile Ride

This group of bikers was originally formed in Utah, the United States. The club is made up of selfless men and women who position themselves as the obstacle between children in crisis and those that inflict abuse on various levels. Some of the members themselves had witnessed similar trauma as youngsters and as such were drawn to the idea of being there for the vulnerable in our society. Others have had a stable upbringing, free of abuse and believe that all kids should be entitled to feel protected and free from further abuse.
BACA’s membership grew with chapters extending to Australia and as it so happened, as far North as the Tablelands of Far North Queensland where the BACA Chapter have been putting the shoulder to the wheel to bring support to kids in strife for many years now. And becoming a BACA Member is not as simple as you may think. It’s not just a case of joining up and doing your time in the chapter. Nope, there’s much more to it than that. Mainly to the nature of the work required they insist on background checks and training to ensure their ranks are filled with the right folks for the job. It truly takes special commitment to be a BACA member and something you must take time out to consider.