Adventure Time

It may not be a motorcycle you’d expect to roll out of a Harley-Davidson facility, but for a manufacturer often criticized for making minimal changes to their line-up, this latest direction would have to be considered a systematic shift for the Motor Co. This of course comes after the recent release of the LiveWire last year. So if the LiveWire was a curve ball for H-D, being the first ever fully electric motorcycle put into full production by a major manufacturer, then the Pan America is a Slider. Although unlike a pitcher in baseball, H-D wants this one hit out of the park, especially in reference to customer acceptance. And they’re stepping into a big playing field too, one that’s already been well established for well over a decade with big players like KTM and BMW. But enough of my poor attempt at baseball analogies, because we’d come here to do one thing and one thing only, ride a revolutionary new motorcycle, and it was clear from the outset of the launch that Harley-Davidson is extremely confident the new Pan America will not only be competitive, but maybe even a market leader.