Covid Operations!

Distancing regulations have shut down tattoo shops in plenty of places and the way things are going, it’ll get worse before it gets better. Who knows where we’ll be between me writing this and you reading it?
But chances are it won’t be getting tattooed.
The real danger here for a whole lot of people is genuine mental health. See, for many, the relationship with their tattooist is the closest thing they’ve got to having a counsellor. When I had my office out the back of the old High Energy Tattoo in Fortitude Valley it used to blow me away the stuff people dumped while getting tattooed.
The very act of modifying your body, of taking the pain to make that gain, is a life saver in the brain department. Tattoo is the ultimate form of expression and without it, well, a lot of folk are left screaming at the walls.
And take it from me, not all tattooists are level headed accountants who happen to be good with a pencil. Most are super strong personalities who thrive on hanging out together and creating art. Take that away and you’ve got frustrations budding quicker than a female plant at Easter.
Some people can roll with it, some can’t. But there’s one thing we can all do even from behind a locked door. Reach out, call someone. Talk to a mate, even if you normally wouldn’t bother or it’s someone you only see once or twice a year tops. Talking and listening, the next biggest things that ever happen in tattoo studios and shows, can still be done thanks to the magic of the telling bone.
Take it easy eh? Stay safe. But most of all, stay cool.
OK, session over. Go and start planning your post-covid tattoo! It’ll be the best one you ever get!