Bike Art

I guess that’s how motorcycles became such a popular image for tattooing, riders kept asking.
It’s no wonder there’s some stunning motorcycle art etched into living canvas throughout the world. Fact is that maybe half the tattooists I know ride bikes themselves. I guess that’s because bikes, like the world of tattoo, are kind of edgy. This isn’t the stuff of boring people
Some tattooists, like my mate Little Mick, are also into customising bikes. Mick’s built and painted so many bikes in his career that if he draws a Panhead or a hot Shovel or whatever, it’s gonna be technically correct too. That’s worth considering if you’re lining up for a motorcycle tattoo. Either go in with exactly the picture you want or find a biker tattooist who knows enough to get the details right. I remember once seeing an almost perfect Harley chopper tattoo where the only problem; it was a mirror image. Something didn’t translate right from the photocopy machine.
I’ve got a personal stake in this. One of my tattoos is of Ruby in a camera lens. Mick did it decades ago and even the details of the old Canon F1 camera I used is spot on. And see Coley’s tattoo? The photo came from a test on the new Springer published in LTR back when they first came out. I’m proud of that, I was riding the bike!