Inner Self

Gees I miss the old days. Yeah, I know, you do too. Probably for different reasons and chances are your memories of the ‘good old days’ are totally different to mine. Not that we did much different so much as I reckon I left my memory in a toilet bowl somewhere north of Townsville about twenty years ago.
No, what I miss was the days when tattoo was so radical only a few of us were tattooed. Strange, at the time you’d sort of get this ‘who are you looking at’ thing going if someone looked too hard at your tatts, yet if they were friendly and showed some interest chances are you’d spend the rest of the night trying to persuade them to get tattooed too.
I mean, something so good had to be shared right? Look what happened. We shared it alright. Seems like I can’t go anywhere without seeing big, bold tattoos. This morning it was the slim young lass – face it Westy, they’re all slim and young when your old and fat – who made my coffee. She had a full sleeve and it looked like her leg work might have gone a fair way up her, err, leg too. The other girl behind the counter had ink and when I did a count up I realised probably three quarters of the people I could see were tattooed.
Wow, we really got a ball rolling here didn’t we? I mean, it wasn’t long ago my good old friend Patsy Farrow used to make a living as the Tattooed Lady at shows and things because girls with ink were rare. Looks like you were well ahead of your time Pats.
Does it make any difference? No, something that makes you feel as good as tattoo was always going to take off. I guess part of the reason was how restricted the rest of life is these days. With all the social media and everybody having a camera, not to mention all the CCTV cameras that seem to have flooded the public space, people ain’t getting away with anything these days!
Yep, the ‘good old days’ were really pretty good, mostly because we didn’t get caught being bad…
Meanwhile it’s pretty obvious that one thing has never changed. Tattoo now, like then, is all about bringing out your inner self and putting it on display for the world. That’s what we’ve got here on these pages, tattoos that show off the way their wearers think.
And that folks is what the art of tattoo is all about. Bringing out your true soul, proudly and defiantly!
You? Me? I think we’ve had a win. Might be a good excuse to go get another tattoo…