Ball Breaker Run

With plenty of free camping available it was a great reason to get there early, pitch a tent and settle in for the night. And it wasn’t long before the stories started to flow, and even though I’m not sure how many of them were 100% true, it still provided great humour for what turned out to be a great way to kick off the weekend.

Saturday morning started early with the sound of bikes rolling in while the party goers from the night before enjoyed a coffee along with a bacon and egg roll to try and start the recovery, with quite a few looking a little under the weather. Registrations were open, arm bands were on and it was time to pick your ball, and as usual everyone wanted a high number. Then it was down to business with the rules for the ride thanks to Blackie and Kickstart. Mount up was called which is when I headed down the road to set up for the photos.