The Bike Shed

Set in London’s historic and beautiful Tobacco Docks, the show has been going for quite a few years now with this year being the 10th Edition.
Friday night was VIP night and the place was heaving. What I hadn’t realised before, is how big, Tobacco Dock and the show actually is. It’s massive! There was a large hall containing Shed Build bikes and there were a lot of bikes, from Rigid Triumphs to Brat Japs and BMW’s and everything in between. The rest of the venue was made up of glass walled rooms of various sizes, some containing half a dozen bikes, some considerably more along with trade stalls, artists and the like. There was also a barber shop, tattoo shops, coffee and tea stalls, food vendors and a large bar complete with leather sofas right in the middle of the show. To add to the already vibrant atmosphere, there was music on stage which attracted large crowds all weekend.