Breakout Boogie!

Sunshine Coast H-D have been having great success fitting the Alpha Performance Engine kits to bikes for those customers who want more get up and go. A.P.E. produce various kits from their Stump Puller through to the High Output Performance kit, all proven to be tough, reliable and full of power. And for those that don’t want the full kit, you can also order just the heads and cams from them as well.

And after seeing firsthand the performance achieved by fitting these kits, when Callum bought his 114ci Breakout, he spoke to Monique and Marc regarding the fitting of the A.P.E. 128 High Output Performance kit along with some other modifications, which they were both more than happy to discuss. For those that might not remember, Monique was featured in LTR last year with her custom Street Bob, and to say she knows her stuff is an understatement. Marc is also a highly trained H-D technician who really knows what it takes to get a motor charging hard, reassuring Callum he had the right people on the job.