Day of the Dead

With a few ideas in mind, David sat down with Coops to discuss a few options. But as many builds go, it wasn’t long before they were heading in a completely different direction. The first request was for lots of chrome along with some apehangers, which is about when the cholo bug bit, and bit hard too.

“Twisted spokes and a stretched rear fender, let’s start with that”, David suggested. Next was to replace the apes with the Carlini 16” Gangster bars and El Presidente risers, and as they were already sending the rear guard off to paint, they decided now was as good time as any to give the tank and front guard a makeover as well. It wasn’t a quick and hasty build either, instead they just chipped away at it, which was also dictated by David’s budget, with him paying it off along the way. He’d often ring up every couple of weeks and say, “I’ve got some more money, and I was thinking…” And that’s the way the build progressed, quickly becoming bigger than Ben Hur.