Garra Bike Show

Fortunately neither Covid nor the hail was an issue as we motored down the Bruce Highway, but the bloody rain was! Seems the weather Gods didn’t get the text and as such we were in the middle of a very badly behaving dry season. Not like the torrential downpours we’re used to, it was more the annoying pissy light rain that might have punters thinking twice about displaying their pride and joy in ‘The Garra ‘Pub carpark.
Rolling along the corridor of cane fields that shrouded the road leading to the Heritage listed pub, it was obvious that the riders from nearby Innisfail, Mirrawinni, Tablelands and Cairns weren’t about to let the weather jam up their day. Arriving around midday, ‘The Garra’ was already well stocked with a collection of sleds from all points. Classic BSAs, a TT winning Matchless shared space with a huge mother ship styled BMW adventure bike as well as some fine looking offerings from H-D.