Good Times At The Garra

Well, where the hell is that you should rightly ask?
Planted smack bang in the middle of massive North Queensland Cane fields, just off the Bruce Highway and around about 10 kilometres North of the township of Innisfail, that’s where!
This ‘pearler’ of a classic Aussie Pub sits a little off the beaten track and as it happens has undergone a change of ownership in the last few months. Live to Ride readers may remember it featuring in our Haunted Pub series we ran some years back, but that’s another story for another day.
Fast forward and with new management at the helm, the ‘Garra’ is once again pumping. Admittedly we had arrived a little early however there was a small collection of riders from Cairns, the Tablelands and nearby Innisfail starting to fill the car park.
Now, if I was making a movie and I needed to cast someone in the role of your typical fair dinkum, Aussie Pub owner Stephen Tyler would be my first choice.
The Big Unit with a big booming voice was in perpetual motion. Yarning, pouring beers and looking after the punters from the time we arrived until the time we pulled up stumps, and the smile never left his face. His tempo and demeanour were only matched by his lovely Mrs who seemed to be in two places at once.