Iron Butt Challenge

The IBA doesn’t have membership in the traditional sense. They don’t even have any yearly dues, formal meetings or a monthly newsletter. There are no membership fees either. And there’s only one way to become a member – you must successfully complete, and have certified, an IBA Certificate ride.
So after hearing about the challenge, a few of the guys from D.A.D.S thought they’d take it on. With the 1000 mile route organised (1600km), the trip began at 6.30am where they all met at the Nudgee Service Centre. It kicked off with a raffle, which was a great prize kindly offered by Drop A Gear Bike Detailing, a detailing gift voucher valued at $350. Then as the 8am departure time was looming, a big contingency turned up from the Nesian Famz to show support, with most of them joining the start of the ride from the Gold Coast to Nudgee before seeing us off on the Sunshine Coast.