It was built with autonomy, grit and determination from the bottom up – just like the bikes we celebrate. No big corporate money men with deep pockets and clean hands – this is the sting-in-the tail industry platform for young builders and craftsmen with wild imaginations and dirty fingernails.
The event is a celebration of engineering and design excellence which embraces the modern custom scene and the new wave. It’s a definitive showcase for rare classics and customised gems; built in sheds, garages and workshops by young engineers as well as experienced professionals. Kickback may not be considered mainstream, or for wealthy city people; it’s a cool and subversive event run by thrill-seekers and motorbike lovers that champions the offbeat and loves bringing like-minded people together to discuss anything from frame modifications and flat trackers to café racers and clip-ons.
It’s organised by Lorne Cheetham with help from selected industry legends, magazine editors, bike builders and many other volunteers where there’ll be select traders and a breath-taking private collection of motorcycles on display. And if a profit is made it gets recycled back into the business to grow industry innovation and support local charities such as the Midlands Air Ambulance.