Master Class

We soon discovered it’s a very complex process, which makes a lot of sense considering they’re the usually the individuals in control of the other technicians at a dealership, and problem solving has to be one of their strongest attributes. That’s why the final course involves diagnostics, and is one of the hardest to acquire. But at least as customers, you know there are always highly experienced technicians working on your H-D every time you roll up to a dealership, and if you’re like most bike owners, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Obviously a strong background in mechanics is a must before you start the journey of becoming a H-D Master Tech, which is something Chad definitely has after starting his apprenticeship at Ford in 2003, before moving to Mazda a few years later. At both dealerships he became a fully certified tech, but wanting another challenge, he felt himself drawn to the motorcycle industry, and made the transition to the other side in 2012, although at first, he wasn’t even aware it was a job with the Motor Company.