Military Muster

Not in a morbid glorification of war way, more my thoughts turn to thinking about the story associated with that particular piece and the men and women who would have been connected to it.
Which is why when it comes to events like the 12th Annual Mareeba Muster, I can easily spend all day and a few bucks going through the place with a fine-tooth comb. The missus however would rather be anywhere else in the world than attend, which she managed to pull off this year as work took her to Weipa for 10 days. This also coincided with two mates in town who stayed with me as I convalesced from recent surgery. So now left unattended, the choice of weekend activities was really simple; head up to the Mareeba Military Muster for the day, swan around there with beer in hand before returning home for steaks and more beer and rums.