Need for Speed

Unfortunately, to indulge the need for speed on public roads will lead to fines and demerit points, and that’s if you’re just over the speed limit. Go a little bit faster and it becomes loss of licence, a hefty fine and even your bike impounded with another hefty storage fee to get it back.

Fortunately there are options such as a track days at race circuits like Phillip Island or Sydney Motorsport Park, but this is more about corner speed than straight line flat chat speed. If you’re after that then the best option is Salt Lake racing at Lake Gairdner in South Australia during Speed Week run by the Dry Lakes Racers Australia. Unfortunately, Speed Week is for only five days a year though, and this year the heavy rains in SA meant both access to the lake and the condition of the course resulted in the cancellation of the event. The next option is 1/4 mile drags where you can get a time and top speed, which is always certain to get the heart pumping.