Pure Outlaw

Back in the late 1990’s BMW released their first ‘cruiser’, the R1200C, a bike designed to skim some sales off the rapidly growing Harley-Davidson market. Okay, so maybe more of these sales went to weekend warriors than members of outlaw clubs, but fact is that most clubs had been heading big motor Harley anyway. Gone were the days where a Sportster or a Triumph were considered suitable for pack work. Evolutions were big, loud and reliable and suddenly there were heaps of them everywhere.
Strange isn’t it? In the 1970’s and ‘80’s most outlaw clubs only had one rule about bike choice – it couldn’t be Japanese. And some pretty tough clubs didn’t even bother with that exclusion either. As long as you didn’t show up on something embarrassing the brothers were happy.
Trust me, nobody ever showed up to an outlaw run on a BMW R1200C. It had weirdo Telelever front suspension, looked like it’d been designed by Doctor Who and then dipped in the tank at the chocolate factory just to sweeten it up. Never mind that it handled great, stopped brilliantly and motored hard, only Neville from ‘Geeks Are Us’ would’ve gone out in public on one. I know, I had to test one for Two Wheels magazine. It took a tinted visor on a full face helmet and some yellow wet weather gear before I’d even climb on.