Quick Cruise

It’s usually just a short blast out of town for a few hours before returning to the dealership for a barbecue, but from what I’d heard, they were always a great day out. So when I heard of their next planned ride, I thought I’d roll the Deluxe out of the shed and join the pack.
By the time I rolled up to the dealership on Sunnyholt Road in Blacktown, there was already a great turn out, with well over thirty customers raring to go and enjoy a great day’s ride. The Dealer Principal Kara was there welcoming everyone with a big smile as they rode in, and before long we were given the head’s up that we’d be leaving in just over ten minutes. Kara of course had to hold the fort back at the dealership, but that didn’t stop Greg from Spare Parts along with a couple of the salesman joining the ride.