Steel Magnolia

You begin to wonder if you have come to the right house as you are led serenely by the subject of the picture towards the shed at the back of the house when you almost trip over the Harley-Davidson boots discarded at the steps. Forget the glass slippers: this girl wears serious leather!

The muse inspiring the picture we are painting here is none other than Eliza. Eliza hails from the Rockhampton area, in Central Queensland, and has ridden her 2016 Low Rider S across much of the country. She’s been riding for 24 years now on varied styles and capacities of bikes and has learnt from pushing herself and her machine to the limit when required – though she can just cruise when the occasion calls.

Eliza’s motorcycle journey starts where most of us start – on a shitty old dirt bike. In her case, it was a 1980 PE175 that gave her more grief than enjoyment, along with many bruises from the famous PE kick starter and the kiss of the earth that we all know from dirt bikes.