Stone, Ride and Rage

Saturday morning after grabbing a coffee and breakfast, it was that time to start the official Stone Run which was led by Zonk, an original Gravedigger from the movie Stone. Veterans from various motorcycle clubs then followed Zonk, who were all in Dubbo to support the event.
There was even a Zi 900 on display that was sponsored by Z Power Australia, which was to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the first release of the Z1. It was a brilliant bike made famous from the movies Stone and Mad Max.
Mark from Hoodlum Clothing was also there selling Stone merchandise during the weekend. Talk about some great merchandise available, and knowing it would be a big weekend, he was fully stocked with t-shirts, flags, belt buckles, earrings and everything in between. Mick, who is a common face at most bike events was also selling merchandise on the weekend with all the usual great biker gear he’s known for.