Subtle Softy

Business is always booming at their workshop in South Nowra, and with so much work coming through the doors, Gaz offered to stay in the mix by taking care of all the old school jobs, and whatever else needs doing. Simon of course wouldn’t have it any other way, especially considering he always has the option of bouncing ideas or solutions around with his Dad, who’s forgotten more about motorcycles than most people even know.
But being so busy does have its drawbacks, like not having the time to work on your own bike, which is something that Gaz has always enjoyed, building up his own rides. And he’s got a couple actually, but it’s his 2007 FXST that he loves the most, especially if he’s got a long trip in mind. And knowing the fondness he has for his Softail, Simon along with Garry’s youngest son David decided to give the old girl a bit of love and attention, along with a few new parts for Christmas.