The Fink

Purpose built by Gavin Walker, this bike smashed the world record for the longest jump on a Harley, ridden that time by Seth Enslow. Not content with one record, the bike then went on to be the first Harley to be backflipped, this time being piloted by Kain Saul.
Fast forward a decade it now sits dusty and almost forgotten in a shipping container in the yards at Farrows Customs, a custom Harley workshop, located on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. Not for long though. Enter Bryan Farrow, the owner of the above-mentioned shop. Bryan is a business owner, husband, father and a man that enjoys doing the unexpected, especially after being told it’s impossible. He had mentioned to people more than once that he wanted to race Finke on a Harley. More than once he’d been laughed at and told it was impossible. Not by Gavin though. Gav did the opposite. Gav opened the container, moved a few bikes and out came the XR 1200.