The Great Escape

Registration at Uncle Leos Roadhouse was coordinated so everyone knew the ride beforehand along with all the tickets being issued. And with two or three prizes drawn at every stop, just by registering you had a good chance of winning something. Not to mention the prizes for 1st – $500 from Loco Engraving, 2nd – $250 from The Green Goanna and 3rd -$100 from Hugo’s Body Art along with the Wooden Spoon award.

Covid concerns saw one pub change its mind just prior to the ride but it gave old faces and new a chance to see the Memorial Park at Thirlmere. What a great spot to stop for either a coffee, beer and even fish and chips if you were hungry. The second stop was the Oaks Hotel and as always, the crowd enjoyed the break with cool drinks and a quick meal. Raffles and games were held with Rev taking home the one-litre bottle of Jack Daniels for his incredibly good aim. If you know the game, you know it’s no easy task. (Join the ride next year to take on the champ!)