Sweet ‘n’ Street

When Harley-Davidson released their XG500, better known as the Street 500, to the world in 2014 it was received gladly by a younger audience, especially those who wanted to get a motorcycle licence but didn’t want to ride anything other than a Harley.

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  • Awareness Cruise

    The inaugural Parental Alienation Awareness Cruise hosted by Dad’s Against Discrimination Support or D.A.D.S, saw an overwhelming amount of people attend to support the cause with a 600 strong crowd gathering at the starting point, The Alexandra Hills Hotel in Brisbane. With bikes, cars, hotrods, trucks and people just coming down to watch, the atmosphere was electric.

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  • Springer Time

    Like many bike owners, all it takes is one visit to your local dealership and before you know it, you find yourself trading in your old ride for a new one, or in Mick’s case, something entirely different.

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  • The Early Years

    Triumph is a name that stirs many to think of the glory days of English manufacturing, but did you know that it was actually started by a German who moved from Nuremburg to London in 1883? Yes that’s right it was started by Siegfried Bettmann who was cashing in on the latest craze, the bicycle.

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  • Born Free

    A relatively new motorcycle event that has grown in popularity year after year is the Born Free Motorcycle show in Silverado, California.
    Unfortunately the event was cancelled last year due to Covid-19, which meant the 2021 show was always going to be a big one.

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I’ve got to be honest here. After working with Aussie Tattoo for twenty years, attending countless tattoo shows all over Australia and New Zealand, I never did quite sort out the difference between tribal and celtic tattoo art.

Maybe I wasn’t the only one. Usually the two would be bundled together when awards were being chosen. And tattoo as an art form that’s always mixed styles and combined themes from all over the world. It’s one of the few forms of art that’s totally flexible, like the canvas it’s portrayed on.