Fat and Juicy

Having owned quite a few bikes in the past, which were predominately dirt and sports bikes, Nik decided it was time for a change, and considering he’d always admired V-Rods, he felt his time had finally come to own one.

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  • The Fink

    The word conjures up images of red dirt, endless whoops, dust that’s finer than talcum powder and a race that’s known to break bikes and their riders. It’s also the last place in the world you would expect to find a Harley-Davidson. This isn’t just any Harley though. This one has pedigree, a history of breaking the rules.

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  • Barney’s Bobber

    The time taken to build a custom bike always varies quite considerably between builders. Some might take just a few months, while others take their time over a couple of years, and then there’s Barney, who has been tinkering with his ride for over four decades now, and it seems he’s finally got it to where he wants it.

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  • Good Time’s Camp Out

    Held South is a social motorcycle club based on the Sunshine Coast and originated through a love of bikes and the shared memories with mates. Like many, their journey into motorcycles began with racing motocross, then when the seriousness surrounding motocross grew old, it soon led them towards Harley’s and a lifestyle they now wouldn’t change for anything.

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  • Breakout Boogie!

    When you constantly work in and around Harley-Davidson motorcycles you really get to know the kind of work you want done to your own bike. Callum is the perfect example of just this as he works alongside the folks at Sunshine Coast H-D, and when he decided to get his second Milwaukee 8 Breakout, he knew exactly what he wanted to do with it.

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Now whether you think ScoMo’s gumbynut is doing the right thing shutting down the world to save our lives or it’s all just a giant conspiracy to get us to eat more ice cream, fact is things are a tad weird out there.

Distancing regulations have shut down tattoo shops in plenty of places and the way things are going, it’ll get worse before it gets better. Who knows where we’ll be between me writing this and you reading it?
But chances are it won’t be getting tattooed.