Day of the Dead

It all started when David rolled into Coops Custom Cycles in Western Australia after having a bad experience at another shop. Turns out he was told he was being too fussy and was better off shopping elsewhere. Well, lucky he went to the right place the second time around with his 2011 Heritage Softail, because attention to detail and being pedantic is what they do best at Coops Custom Cycles.

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  • Cooly Rocks On!

    Record crowds rattled and rolled through Coolangatta for another wild weekend at Cooly Rocks On, as custom cars, bikes, rock and roll and good times all took main stage at the picturesque beachside destination…

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  • Best of Both Worlds

    If there was one bike that resonates with me the most in recent times, it would have to be the Low Rider S that we had on long-term test last year. After spending a few months with it here at the magazine, we not only ran it around town we also got away on a few trips, which was great.

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  • Mad Times in Mackay

    Finally, there was a break in the weather and the Sons of the Southern Cross Mackay Chapter got to hold their first Annual Bike, Car & 4 Wheel Drive Show at the Handlebar Heaven in Mackay Queensland.

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  • 100 Mile Ride

    If you haven’t heard of BIKERS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE ® (B.A.C.A®) or aren’t quite sure who these folks are and what they do, please allow me to bring you up to speed. To be honest it’s not surprising that they’re not top mind when you think about motorcycle clubs as they generally work quietly away in the background and as a rule they don’t seek publicity.

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A gorilla is a great tattoo choice for someone who wants to project strength, power and protectiveness. The gorilla is also known as one of the strongest animals in the world and as a fierce protector of their families and homes. For a lot of people, a gorilla tattoo represents all these qualities and much more.

Gorilla tattoos are also associated with motherhood as gorillas are one of the few species of animals that care for their young after they are born. This makes them a symbol of maternal strength and protection which is one of the reasons women get gorilla tattoos. A lot of men choose gorillas because they are a unique and masculine tattoo.

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