Rust Never Sleeps

Sometimes when you want a certain style of bike, you have to look further afield, even as far as overseas, which is exactly what happened to the original owner of this wild custom.

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  • Back Into It!

    With all the crap going on in the world today, and Covid ruining everything in its path, it was great that this year’s Vietnam Veterans and Veterans MC North Queensland Poker Run went ahead.

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  • Custom-Er Build

    As opposed to just building a custom bike to showcase the parts and modifications available at the dealership, Jay Lawrence from Morgan & Wacker in Melbourne thought he’d try something a little different this time around modifying a 2021 Street Glide.

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  • Heidi’s Cruise

    After being the longest city in lockdown across the world with a total lockdown of over 260 days since the pandemic first hit, we’ve endured a lot in Melbourne…

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  • Digging For Gold

    When you think of the Gold Coast, naturally the sun, sand and surf comes to the forefront of your mind, but there’s more fun to be had than just on the beaches, especially if you like riding enjoyable roads…

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Gees I miss the old days. Yeah, I know, you do too. Probably for different reasons and chances are your memories of the ‘good old days’ are totally different to mine. Not that we did much different so much as I reckon I left my memory in a toilet bowl somewhere north of Townsville about twenty years ago.

No, what I miss was the days when tattoo was so radical only a few of us were tattooed. Strange, at the time you’d sort of get this ‘who are you looking at’ thing going if someone looked too hard at your tatts, yet if they were friendly and showed some interest chances are you’d spend the rest of the night trying to persuade them to get tattooed too.