Jaw-Dropping Custom Indian Scout Bobber from APL Performance

When it comes to custom motorcycle builds, Harley-Davidsons and other marquee brands tend to get most of the attention. But the team at APL Performance in Windsor in NSW, wanted to create something truly unique – a head-turning, high-performance custom Indian Scout bobber. We went to visit Adam and his crew to get an inside look at this incredible build and see what else is happening at one of Australia’s top motorcycle performance shops.

The Inspiration Behind APL’s Custom Indian Scout

Building a custom Indian is a road less traveled in the motorcycle world. Adam explained what motivated them to take on this ambitious project:

“We met the right client. He wanted to build something that had never been seen before in Indian. Didn’t know what he wanted, left it up to us. He left the colour concept, all the finesse to us.”

The team at APL put an enormous amount of thought and effort into every detail of the build. Particular attention was paid to the colour scheme, with a striking combination of flat orange on the frame and a gold-flecked gloss finish. As Adam puts it, they “wanted it to pop” while still keeping the bike road-legal and rideable.

High Performance Meets Dazzling Style

Of course, with APL Performance’s reputation, this custom Indian Scout isn’t just about looks. They completely stripped down the bike and gave it a full performance treatment, including cams and engine work to significantly boost the horsepower.

Additional custom touches abound, from the elegantly designed exhaust to the eye-catching gold ceramic coating on components like the levers and the rocker covers. The handlebars give the bike an aggressive stance while enhancing rider ergonomics.

According to Adam, the end result is a bike that is an absolute pleasure to ride – powerful, well-balanced, and extremely responsive. It’s a true testament to the skill and dedication of the entire APL Performance team.

“I’m really proud of this bike. I’m proud of the guys, at APL performance. The whole staff are involved. This was a team effort. We’re all on this bike. That’s how we do it so quick and effectively.”

APL Performance: A Full-Spectrum Motorcycle Performance Shop

The custom Indian Scout is an impressive accomplishment, but it’s just one facet of everything happening at APL Performance. Adam gave us a tour of the facilities and a rundown of their wide range of specialties:

  • High-end maintenance and service for all motorcycle brands
  • Dyno tuning using the latest software and equipment
  • Design and manufacturing of custom performance parts
  • Complete custom builds, including extravagant choppers
  • Engine building, including big-bore kits and blueprinting
  • Racing support and performance packages for various motorcycle brands

State-of-the-Art Dyno Tuning

One of the crown jewels of APL Performance is their cutting-edge dyno room and equipment. The only one of its kind for motorcycles in Australia, this half-million dollar facility allows for unparalleled precision and control in tuning.

The room itself is designed to handle up to 1000 horsepower, with advanced soundproofing and ventilation. The dyno uses an eddy current system far more sophisticated than typical dynos, allowing for precise load control and road condition simulation.

With over $200,000 invested in software alone, APL is able to tune even the most modern motorcycle ECUs, including Indian models. They have developed proprietary tuning processes that go beyond what any dealership can offer.

“The accuracy of our tuning and the way we gather information is more than what the Harley or any other motorcycle can give you. So a tuner definitely can’t tune your bike.”

Built for Racing, Optimised for the Street

APL Performance’s technical capabilities are deeply informed by their extensive racing background. Adam and his team have supported successful race efforts around the world in partnership with major brands like Honda, Yamaha, KTM and Indian.

This hard-earned expertise translates directly to their street bike services. Every aspect of APL’s operation, from their tuning approach to their custom parts development, is geared towards delivering reliable, real-world performance.

“All that experience and what we do in racing, we bring it to the street and my technicians are at the highest levels and this shop, the engineering and the whole facility, it’s all dedicated to customer service and delivering results”

The APL Performance Difference

It’s clear that APL Performance operates on a level above your typical motorcycle shop. The incredible custom Indian Scout bobber is just one example of the creativity, technical skill, and uncompromising dedication to performance that defines their work.

Whether you want to build a show-stopping custom, extract maximum performance from a stock bike, or optimize a race machine, APL Performance has the knowledge, equipment and experience to deliver next-level results. After seeing everything they’re doing, it’s no wonder they’ve established a reputation as one of Australia’s top motorcycle performance destinations.

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