Kawasaki Eliminator SE Review 2024: The Ultimate Learner-Approved Motorcycle

In the ever-expanding world of learner motorcycles, the Kawasaki Eliminator SE stands out as a beacon for both new riders and seasoned veterans looking for a reliable, stylish, and versatile ride.

Kawasaki has long been recognised for its commitment to innovation and quality, and the Eliminator SE is a testament to this legacy.

Here’s why the Kawasaki Eliminator SE makes a compelling choice for those stepping into the realm of two-wheeled adventure.

Overview of Kawasaki’s Learner-Approved Lineup

Kawasaki’s range of learner-approved motorcycles (LAMs) is impressively diverse, offering something for everyone.

From the agile Ninja series to the rugged KLR models, Kawasaki ensures that new riders have the best tools at their disposal to learn and enjoy motorcycling.

Among this impressive lineup, the Eliminator SE shines as a model that combines the ease of learning with the thrill of riding.

Key Features of the Kawasaki Eliminator SE

Engine and Performance

The heart of the Eliminator SE is its 451cc engine, derived from the robust Kawasaki Ninja 400. This upgrade involves an increased stroke to boost the displacement, enhancing low-end torque — a crucial feature for new riders. The engine’s design includes long-reach spark plugs and advanced timing to optimise performance, alongside oil jets that cool the pistons, promoting durability and efficiency.

Design and Ergonomics

Kawasaki has not only focused on the mechanical prowess of the Eliminator SE but also on its design and ergonomics, crucial for learner riders. The bike features a low seat height of 735mm, which can be adjusted with optional accessories to either drop to 715mm or rise to 765mm, accommodating riders of all sizes. This versatility is a significant advantage in building rider confidence.


Handling and Comfort

The Eliminator SE’s handling is influenced by its long wheelbase and balanced wheel setup, featuring 18-inch front and 16-inch rear wheels. This design keeps the rider’s posture low and comfortable, with wide, flat bars that ensure a natural arm position, making it easier to manoeuvre and control, particularly in urban settings.

Riding Experience

City Riding

In city environments, the Kawasaki Eliminator SE excels with its nimble handling and comfortable ergonomics. The patented radiator fan cover, which directs heat away from the rider, makes urban rides more comfortable, especially in stop-and-go traffic. This feature, combined with the bike’s smooth gear shifts and responsive clutch, ensures a pleasant riding experience even in busy city streets.


Highway Performance

On the highway, the Eliminator SE holds its own thanks to the engine’s solid construction and the bike’s overall stability. The assist and slipper clutch system provides a safety net for new riders by preventing wheel lock-up during downshifts, which can be particularly reassuring for those new to riding at higher speeds.

Safety Features

Kawasaki does not skimp on safety, equipping the Eliminator SE with a large 310mm front brake disc that ensures reliable stopping power. The twin shock setup at the rear and the 41mm telescopic fork at the front contribute to a smooth ride, absorbing bumps effectively and enhancing overall bike control.



The Kawasaki Eliminator SE is more than just a motorcycle; it’s a comprehensive learning tool that grows with the rider.

Its thoughtful design, coupled with advanced features, provides a safe, enjoyable, and effective introduction to motorcycling.

Whether it’s weaving through city traffic or cruising on a highway, the Eliminator SE offers a balanced, dynamic riding experience that’s hard to match.

For both learners and those seeking a dependable, stylish, and fun ride, the Kawasaki Eliminator SE makes total sense.

It’s a motorcycle that promises and delivers, making every ride a step forward in a biker’s journey.


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