Giant Party

The Giants are known as ‘The Party Band From Hell’ and the Kickstart Saloon’s motto is ‘Where Drinkers With A Motorcycle Problem Meet’, so what could be better than mixing the two together for a show? Well, how about a recovery party the next day? Which is exactly what happened.

On the first night Lindsay Crowley from Loud & Proud kicked off the action with his good solid pub rock covers to get the night warmed up before The Giants hit the stage. Now as you know we’re still living in these crazy times with COVID floating around and as such due to Restrictions, one of the usual band members couldn’t make it out of Melbourne so the very talented upcoming Rock Star Alex Kosenko offered to fill in with only 24 hours notice. He quickly learnt the playlist and did an amazing job playing lead guitar. As usual, Stuart Wood did an amazing job as the front man with his super smooth vocals which has kept The Giants going now for the past 40 years. And to make it even more exciting, the gig at the Kickstart Saloon was one of the first gigs for The Giants 40th Anniversary Tour, which was an honour to be included.